January 25th, 2012

Ann Vole

critter update

A couple days ago one of my degus had babies (but the other 4 preggie girls are still fat) 6 are regular color but two are grey. I think the 2 grey ones are male and female. The lemming looked dead when the room got cold (300 watts was not enough, I added a second 300 watt heater for that cold snap). I looked at him closely and thought I saw a slow breath so hoped he was hibernating and tucked him in his nest with lots of bedding. I have not seen signs of activity though so he may be dead... will check him out again today. The one chinchilla seems pregnant but chinchillas hide it well so have no clue how far she might be. The ferrets are rather fat but sure move fast so are not too fat I think. Beautiful ticking on the natural colored ferret (cream under-fur, dark brown tips of guard hairs).