January 20th, 2012

Ann Vole

Space ships and shuttle spam

In my introductory film class (university course), we watched a bit of a film in the style of "Russian Montage". In the film, a navy ship crew was complaining about the bad food. They came close to a town and the locals came in boats and gave the crew fresh food (including live animals). The Cosaks were not pleased and gunned down the people of the town. There was a webcomic that was taken down and remade ("Komander Kitty" I think it was called) and on the original, their spaceship would have small spaceships and holographic AI show up and try to sell them stuff or advertise the local businesses of the planet. In a "New Star Trek" style universe, I see that sort of thing as a more likely scenario and big ships would not need to shuttle their crew to the planet as the locals would have businesses who made their key income servicing the needs of passing ships including shuttle service to and from the planet. Like the Russian Montage film, the planet's government might not approve of such activities especially to spaceships from places they are at war with. Of course in such a scenario some of these businesses and their customers may be involved with espionage (spies, terrorists, ex-pat opportunists, secret service agents).