January 17th, 2012

Ann Vole

Young Adult Ratatouille

I just watched "Young Adult" movie about a ghost writer for a young adult series of books. It was a good movie with a whole mess of morals to be gleaned from it. Lately the name "Mercury" has shown up all over the place in my life and most of this movie happened in the town of Mercury (and named dozens of times). One of the characters in the movie teaches kids with a learning disability where the kids cannot understand emotions. One of my sisters also specialized as an educational consultant for this exact condition. Two conditions that I know of include this lack of emotional awareness as a symptom: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (abrv. FAS and my sister's main focus) and conditions in the autism spectrum (including asperger's). One of the main characters is played by Patton Oswald who also did the voice of the main character in "Ratatouille", a want-to-be chef rat named Reme. I could not help seeing Reme speaking in my mind's eye as Patton's character is speaking. Even his facial expressions in "Young Adult" just looked too perfect for Reme in "Ratatouille". It is the first time for me to type-cast a live actor based on his or her voice acting as an animated character. I am not really a "dog person" but the chihuahua stole the show and showed some of the characteristics I love about chinchillas...yes chihuahua dogs and chinchilla rodents have similar names and personalities. I keep looking at making children's books as a way to mix cartoon art and writing but my preferred audience is "young adult". I might need to embrace picture books for young adults if I can find a market. Note that I never touched on the film's plot in this post which has nothing to do with anything I posted but is a spurned love/stalker sort of thing but set in a dramatic comedy. My post is mostly due to all those connections with my attempts at changing my life going on right now.