January 12th, 2012

Ann Vole

Trans-gender is all in your head.

I saw some magazines available to read at a lounge in the University and a Maclean's Magazine (Canada's equivalent to "The New Yorker") had a front-page article on the pending world economic collapse. After reading that article and seeing why my dad thinks I should sell my house before May, I saw an article about trans-gender youth getting Canadian health care funded gender reassignments. New brain scans show that almost 100% of transgendered people have brains designed like their chosen gender. This suggests that it is not a mental disorder but a real physical situation of having a brain gender that does not match the body gender. Tests you can do on-line can use sentence structure and word use to guess at the gender of the author of a web page. Doing so with this blog shows a high percent chance the author is female (even going back many years). I seem to be fascinated by trans-gendered fictional characters and according to the Maclean's article, such interests are typical of people with GID (Gender Identity Dysphoria). I was reading library books on gender when in grade one which did not seem strange to me but looking back it is strange for a 6-year-old to know more then 99% of the population about all there is to know about human and mammal reproduction. This new understanding that I likely am a GID sufferer does not make me want to abandon my male body but I am now wondering about non-humans in my care (in the future) who may have the same condition and how having animals able to communicate via computers might be key to helping humans with GID. I still desire to raise small mammals primarily to watch mothers nurse and train their babies with a combined sense of shared sensibilities and a bit of jealousy.