January 7th, 2012

Ann Vole

Idiot Savant story idea

Some mentally challenged people show amazing abilities and often in the area of music. My idea is that some composer was actually an ungifted but properly trained musician who had found and adopted such a mentally handicapped person who was gifted in making up music. The secret was kept for the sake of the handicapped person to keep the money flowing but the guilt trip was still always on the minds of those who knew who the real composition genius was.
Ann Vole

"Lion around" story idea

During the dark ages, some kings kept lions and other large exotic carnivores for show. When finances got tight, some kings would have bets made on fights to the death between these carnivores which would both bring in income and reduce the number of animals to feed. My idea is for a lion cub to be raised by some African family who was attacked and sold as slaves and of course the tame lion shipped off to some country where it was kept as a royal pet. With nothing to do but watch knights in training, it developed a good knowledge of fighting techniques and strategies. Some event (probably a lost battle) caused the lion to be shipped to another country where it is treated as a savage beast and eventually put in such fights to the death. With superior strategies in mind, this lion wins these fights and becomes a bit of a legend. Some other country's royalty takes a liking to this killer animal and buys it. During the trip to a new country, a shipwreck disaster proves that the
lion is not a killer but it saves some people's lives from drowning. It is adopted by someone else to retire as a pet again.
Ann Vole

Go for the Gold

The author-illustrator pair that made "The Gruffalo" book were working with other authors or illustrators as people emerging on the children's book market. When "The Gruffalo" won one of the many metals or awards for good children's books, this particular author-illustrator pair got together to make a whole series of books together based on the look and characters of "The Gruffalo" including a sequel. They were also approched by several different types of film making companies to animate the story (some wanted to do a series of shows, some wanted to do a feature-length one with a different story, the one chosen did a short film for 1/2 hour TV). This suggests to me that winning such an award has a high value to the career of a new author or illustrator. I should study the common elements of the winning books/creators of each of the most prestigious of these awards and aim my first book efforts at winning one of them.