January 3rd, 2012

Ann Vole

Russian animation

Here are three animation shorts I found on youtube that appear in Russian that I might want to find again:
a mole makes flaxen coveralls for want of pockets
a story about a mole taking revenge for someone pooping on his head
a mole marries two rabbits and she gives birth to three baby rabbits but we see a bit too much
Ann Vole

Prey fixation

While looking at Russian animation, I found several Disney movies in their complete form including Snow White and Lion King 3 (or 1 1/2 - a between-quel). Everytime I see all those animals checking out Snow White when she has run for her life and scared by the dark forest, I break into tears due to the timid nature of the forest animals. The first two Lion King movies did not interest me except where the hero lives with Timon and Pumbaa. By far my favorite of the three Lion King movies is the one about Timon and Pumbaa's relationships to the rest of the movies. Timon's mother is the most fun to watch as she dotes over her son and worries about his future. I decided that a significant element of why I love "The Gruffalo" is the hero is a prey species of everybody (even his imaginary creation). The squirrel mother narrowly escaping being owl food at the beginning totally put her as my favorite character of the movie. The sequel also disapointed me primarily due to the main character (The Guffalo's Child) being a predator of the mouse (as long as he is not as terrible as her father said). Bambi and all those rodent-star films seem to top my lists of favorite films and I suspect it is the characters being hunted at some point that gives them an advantage over equally good films in other respects. This point was pointed out with Snow White as the art and effects are extemely advanced and blow me away but the film as a whole fails to impress me and it must be all the humans (including dwarfs) in the film rather then the forest animals and their fears of becoming prey. I used to think it was size but watching films with large prey such as whales, I was always rooting for the whale rather then the humans. Even "Jaws" had me cheering for the shark. My favorite spy movies are where someone is being hunted down and bonus points if the hunters become prey.