January 2nd, 2012

Ann Vole

The Prince and Me

While my brother was sleeping in front of the TV and I was procrastinating at his place, I watched much of a movie called something like "The Prince and Me" which I am sure I had seen before. There are several scenes involving the prince's assistant that brought to mind my "epic webcomic" where a character is secretly being a bodyguard to the main character who is unaware that he is royalty (or aware but not of the full details and definitely not aware that the other character is his bodyguard). This makes me want to add story where he is young and his family is still served as royalty but had to go into hiding due to war. Memories of such a time can be considered fantasies and dreams by this young character thrust into a life as a poor person in a war zone. In that movie, the prince's assistant also had trouble adjusting to life without a master to serve which adds elements to his story line too. With all this material in my mind, I need to plot out each character's story line for this section of this "epic webcomic". I have not watched the movie "The Hoax" yet but I think it is about a guy who fakes his way into doing all sorts of speculalized jobs (doctor and jumbo jet pilot being two of them I think). My bodyguard character must be a master of disguise and a "hoax" expert to keep close to the royal kid without being noticed while his charge is becoming a spy and double agent and even trained secret service killer. This is his undoing because he becomes noticeable when infiltrating spy-handler relationships. The movie's prince falls in love with the girl and you can see how the assistant has mixed feelings as he is losing touch with the guy who is central to his career as an assistant. I want to include such a strange relationship triangle with the royal guy, his bodyguard, and a fellow spy/killer.
Ann Vole

Writer's Apathy

I just don't have anything to say that I have not already said. I want to write something new but there is nothing new in my mind lately. The new stuff is extra details on many of my story ideas but that will require far more work then just typing something up. I need story writer tools like a dry erase marker board and a large tack board with tacks, que cards, and multi-color markers of several thicknesses. There may be software to emulate these things and I should seek such software out but I have all of that stuff but simply need work setting those up for use. In the mean time, I and still an anarchist and a furry christian and a strong believer in the right of every individual to believe and say what ever they feel like saying (even those evil hate crime perps). Saying more is just repeating what I have already said. I could also mention my poor lemming is gone skinny real quickly but he still moves fast. He also lost some fur on and below his lips.
Ann Vole

Nature Subject Matter

The beginning of a show looked like it said "Nature Subject Matter" and thought it was funny because nature films/shows are full of nude characters having odd (odd to humans) sex but is definitely something different then porn and generally considered acceptable to young humans to watch. "Nature Subject Matter" could be a cute name for a show that presents "dirty" animal minds in action.