December 30th, 2009

Ann Vole

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Puppet animation has it's own magic that computer graphics still cannot quite copy. I was a bit disappointed though that the animators took less care with the fur while moving the puppets then they could have... lots of strange movement in the fur that should not be there. On the other hand, the cartoon logic and puppet-friendly character designs had me forget I was watching puppets for feeling like watching a classic Warner Brothers 'toon like Bugs Bunny or Road Runner. I think a good portion of the dialog and jokes would be well over-the-heads of most kids. I believe they gave it a "parental guidance" rating here in Canada. I suppose there is a bit of on-screen vore and killing by our hero, ample gun fire (at our hero mostly), and talk of procreation (with big words like "concieve" and "pregnant") but with the premise of our foxy hero falling into temptation to steal poultry and other produce from the local human farmers, that sort of thing has to be expected.

I loved the wide variety of animal species and the use of the particular skills that species has (with individual exceptions like the badger who is a demolition and explosives expert). They even included the correct Latin species names in on-screen text labels and dialog.
Ann Vole

Turning up the heat for documentary music

One of the documentaries about Hitler starts off with happy-sounding music but as the documatary progresses and Hitler gains more power and menice, the music gains a strange wave shape to give it a sound that seems to grate against my soul like fingernails scratching chalkboards grates agianst your hearing. I might guess the sound might be like what you would expect a medium sized female member of the cat family (lets say a cougar or linx) would make when in heat and is not sure if she wants sex or not. This to me was the sound of evil yet it was a warm sound rather then a harsh sound that tempts me to listen to that sound again.
Ann Vole

Hay; squeeze me tight

My current species of rodents (degus and chinchillas) primarily eat hay in the wild so I have been giving lots of hay to them. The problem is it piles up, gets wet and then rots quickly. The solution seems to be to feed cubes of compressed hay that are squished so tight that they stay in one piece until completely eaten. There are three animals that I know of that live in communities, eat hay, and store hay they have gathered and dried for winter use: Pikas (related to rabbits but look like guinea pigs), degus and chinchillas. All three are also known to pee on their own food to identify it in case a fellow member of their community steals from their personal hay storage (they can identify individuals by phermones in pee). This means loose hay cubes are not good enough, they must be compressed very tight to shed the pee instead of absorb it. The silo needed to make sticky wet hay and the extrusion unit to make the cubes and finally a low temperature drier represents many hundreds of dollars in equipment but I think it will be necessary for most of the other animals I intend to raise such as muskrats who will need hay cubes made of reeds and aquatic grasses (and may get wet in the swimming area for that aquatic animal). Ground squirrels, arctic hares, pika, woodchucks, marmots, prairie dogs... these are the species I am most interested in at the momment... all are primarily hay eaters.
Ann Vole

Two types of genetics thinking

Many dog breeders are big on working on an established breed to maximize the purity of the standards for that breed. The result (in my mind) is inbred, genetically inferior animals that show lots of genetics-based health problems. Instead, I want to find wild individuals from all over the wild population and "outbreed" the common color genes for that species with these wild ones to obtain the highest level of genetic diversity while still having an isolated color gene be visible in these genetically diverse individuals.

The reason for this post is that after watching all those documentaries about Nazis and the eugenics movement (who opposed to marriages of mixed skin color), I just served a female black lady who has very dark skin and thought "wow, is she beautiful" (and I never notice girls normally). I am not at all ashamed of my very white skin, blond hair and blue eyes but those things are not attractive to me... I like black by far for skin, hair, eyes... even fur and claws on pets. I see no problem personally with marrying the blackest girl I can find even though it might get the two of us on the hit list for eugenics fanatics and skin heads/KKK.
Ann Vole

Mind-melding monsters dream

I just woke from a dream staring a monster of monsters and his moral dilemmas. Creatures from another planet ended up stranded on a planet with earth-like creatures and human-like inhabitants (but not quite human) in a mideval setting. These creatures were something like horse-sized very long haired furry square gelatinous blobs with tenticals all over (they even moved using hundreds of tenticals walking on their underside). They had the ability to meld with the minds of the human-like inhabitants and make them think they were seeing muscular knights in armor riding armored horses. The creatures would then be easily able to convince the girls to have sex with what they thought were knights and then would do anything they asked due to being in love and having a secret they wished to keep secret. It was assumed by the creatures that being so different physically including being from a different planet, that these duped girls would never get pregnant. Many girls did and gave birth to hideous monsters that would die quickly after birth. One such half-breed did not die but lived in the forest after being abandoned there. He soon learned how to use his ability to change appearances percieved by other creatures to catch small animals easier (for food). When he met these creatures on a return visit to that village, he used his powers to make the creatures think he looked like them... and soon joining them on their sexual exploits to get food and hospitality of the villagers as they really were unable to hunt like our half-breed could. After seeing loved pets and seeing the love of the girls he was exploiting (except with a penis), he decided to become vegitarian as he saw that the animals he was eating were intelligent and compassionant and that vegitables were edible and easy to prepare (even in the wild). Soon he also found out about the hybrids born of his comrads' sex and figured that it might have been his origins too. Due to the double standard these people had for rat-like pests, he tried skinning these pests and using their inside-out pelts like a condom to prevent creating monsters like himself or worse, the ill-fated hybrid monsters who died in pain soon after birth. This was not good enough as he now felt sorry for the pests as they were the only animals he was now hunting, killing and eating... to satisfy his sexual liusts. His companion monsters only did the tentical sex to get the dedication and cooperation of the girls and had no real sensations for them as they were hermaphrodite and procreated differently. The hybrid monster would have to give up sex due to his new morals and maybe leave his troup of monsters before they discovered that he was not one of them. This was the point where I woke up.