December 29th, 2009

Ann Vole

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick,
Jack jump over the candle stick.

I just figured that nursery rhymn would be perfect inv association with UPS, Uninterupted Power Suplies. You want the transition between line power and inverter power to be so quick it is continuous and you want your power jacks to not trip either. If they do fail, you need candles... you want to get over that need.
Ann Vole

The secret lives of fictional characters

I love Hector the strange creature who tags along with the main characters in The Dragon Hunters movie because of his qurks. He is not a normal character and that is what makes him amazing. The problem is we know absolutely nothing about his past or his species (other then seeing Hector pissing fire a few times). The visuals and computer animation effects in that movie are still blowing my mind but the characters are falling over dead in my mind... they have no life outside of the movie. On the opposite end of the spectrum is th movie "Hoodwinked" which has absolutely horrible graphics quality and character design but the characters are much more alive to me because we know more about their past and their lives outside of the events in the movie. They included most of that extra information just to make a bad pun, silly joke, or do a reference to an old movie or show so it has little to do with anything but it still brings life to the characters far more then the wonderful graphics of movies like The Dragon Hunters. Dr Who was the longest running Sci-fi TV series and almost the longest TV series period (two others lasted longer by only a few months) which meant it was often low budget and campy but every episode seemed to reveal some tidbit of information of the past of The Doctor, his planet and his "Time Lord" species, or his TARDIS (time traveling space ship with a mind of it's own). I endured some very poor episodes and was still thrilled to find out something new about the show and it's characters. Star Trek fans will often spend loads of money and time with books telling all the technical details of the different Star Fleet ships. Same goes for other fan groups.
Ann Vole

Neutrality and Nazi

When I was on the board of the animation equipment cooperative called Quickdraw Animation Society, part of our board duties was to approve of film projects people intended to make on our equipment. The society gets a good portion of it's funding from different levels of government and through government-funded agencies (like the NFB) so it is important that we not offend those in charge of those programs so a little self editing by choosing the projects to have done is prudent. One project that came to us was an animated version of the story "The Wandering Jew". We did not know exactly what the story was about but it was clear that it was to contain a Christian message but have "Jew" in the title... rejected as a project. Hitler had a very strong interest in the opera composer Vaugner who would have a white knight fighting the powers of evil Jews. Hitller would turn the last part of many of his speaches into a prayer to a presumably Christian God. To most people at the time, Hitler seemed to be patriotic and religious and concerned about the moral standards of Germany. Soon some of the death camps would be filling up with religious leaders of all types including Christian church leaders. The common thread was being pacifists or otherwise vocally opposing Hitler's actions. Speculation on why Jehovah's Witnesses were singled out early could be their pacifism and opposition to sterilization which was already widely practiced by the government run health care system long before Hitler was even involved with politics (was an artist, writer, soldier, and activist before joining a political party). The point of this post is a warning that political leaders who sound like they might believe in the same religion as you do may still be a future "Hitler" in disguise. Neutrality coupled wth lots of freedom is what is needed to prevent another Nazi-like party with another Hitler-like leader. Note that Quickdraw did approve of several projects that presented a religious viewpoint... just not at the expense of a different viewpoint. To be more precise... you cannot base your message on what other people are doing wrong, only on what the audience should do to be right.
Ann Vole

The purpose of justice

There are many reasons why people feel the need for "justice" when someone has done them wrong but they basically fall into two camps... to increase the quality of life or decrease the value of life. They either focus on the criminal and what was done or they focus on potential future victoms and ways to prevent the reoccurance of criminal activity. Jail can either be to punish the criminal or protect the public. These choices may sound like the same thing but making justice decisions may be radically different depending on how you think of justice.