December 19th, 2009

Ann Vole

Thundercats are loosssse

The theme song for the Thundercats show repeats the phrase "The Thundercats are loose" with the "s" at the end of "loose" held longer like what cartoon snakes ssssay when they sssspeak. I had a dream that they guy who came up with the basic premis for the show lived in ome of those very small but 3 story square houses often built by the sea. These houses were built that way to sort-of be a light house and look-out for the family of fishermen. This comic artist had pet cats who were kept on the main floor to prevent messing up artwork. When the cats were allowed upstairs, they made a lot of racket running around on the top floor (which is mostly attic-like with gabled windows). He called the cats "thundercats" because of the noise and was inspired to make a comic that the show was to be based on when he said "the thundercats are loose". He would also tease the cats by hissing at them sometimes so he included instructions to extend the "s" in the theme song he wrote. Of course this is just a dream and has no basis in reality other then the quirks of the theme song.