November 28th, 2009

Ann Vole

The re-gift dilemma

I am trying to do so many things that require money right away that I remain in the situation of not having any budget for food or entertainment. I am also trying to get rid of stuff that is not directly required for any of my projects which includes a lot of stuff like small appliences (many "rescued" from dumpsters), DVDs (all "previously enjoyed" ones from rental places), cute but useless gifts, and clothing (either gifts or dumpster diving finds). Giving this sort of stuff, no matter how nice the stuff is, sends the wrong message to some people's minds who feel it is not a heart-felt gift unless you bought it new at a store with the recipient of the gift in mind at the time of purchase. So, should I give a cheap but new gift or a substantially more valuable gift that is "recycled" in some way?
Ann Vole

The man of a thousand voices

Oren Otter's Ottertunes webcast radio station (ROVR... search for "lutrine" in Shoutcast's list of stations) has dozens of different characters for DJs all voiced by the tallented Oren or by computer-generated voices for robot characters. These DJ spots are very entertaining but have the downside of being distracting sometimes when reading while listening and they requiire a lot of work to write, perform, and record new spots before they become old. I believe I can do the same thing as Oren and create a slew of fun characters and entertaining content but I do not have the time to do so. Computer-generated voice of anouncements authored by an IRC bot based on a database of playlist info, trivia, and jokes might be interesting as a concept.
Ann Vole

Stripes are beautiful

I love the look of stripes. A guy at work dyed a black stripe down his blond head and I commented how much I liked how it looked. Chipmonks and skunks are showing up in movies with computer generated characters lately... likely due to how easy it is to add stripes to a CGI character compared to a 2-dimentional character. Puppet anim.ation has several advantages over CGI characters and objects when you need tp alter the object of character in a shot. For example, the two shots they said were the hardest to do in "Over the Hedge" were the tipping of the garbage pails and making a crumpled piece of paper. With puppet animation, those things would be easy. The same goes for the matted fur on the "rabid" version of Hammy the squirrel... easy wth puppets, hard with CGI. my need for stripes combined with my desire for less-then-perfect fur points me toward choosing puppet animation. Also, CGI characters can be made of puppets and the two versions of the character intercut seamlessly. Now for more striped characters in movies!