November 19th, 2009

Ann Vole

Villains and heros

On the commentary track for Kung Fu Panda, they mentioned a phrase that struck a chord with me: "A villain is the hero of his own story." Every character, no matter how good or evil or crazy, has a logic of some sort that convinces them that their actions are justified. The problem with that is inaction can very much happen beyond the will of any character.
Ann Vole

Strange movie ideas

A business guy fears someone might be putting a keyboard on his office computer to save what he types so he keeps buying new keyboards and tossing the repacement in the dumpster. Some criminals were indeed trying exactly that in an attempt to get some way of blackmailing this office worker and rigged the keyboard to email the info as soon as an internet connection is made. Some "sleeper cell" would-be terrorists found one of these bugged keyboards in a dumpster and used it while emailing and texting each other to plan their attack. The would-be blackmailers find out about these would-be terrorists and proceed to blackmail the terrorists. The office worker was involved with corporate crime which is why he was so paranoid about the keyboard possibility (and many other measures he took) and the FBI or CIA or other such intelligence agency was proceeding to investigate him. They find out about the would-be blackmailers and start sniffing around with the mistaken belief that the would-be blackmailers were another intelligence agency also on the corporate crime case. I don't know how this story will end but I like how it is unfolding.

I already forgot the other two ideas I had in mind when I started this post but they were the strange ones