November 18th, 2009

Ann Vole

Write for yourself

What I keep hearing from successful writers of all media is "write for yourself" or more precisely, write the kind of stuff you would like to see yourself but I not out there. Before I got hooked on google image search, I had an idea of the ultimate animal encyclopedia. For me, there needs to be at least 40 pictures of the 300 most known animals and at least two pictures of every mammal and vertibrate and about 8000 common invertibrates. Esentially, if it has a common name, it needs pictures. The other thing I found lacking was descriptions and anicdotes of the personalities and intictual actions of these animals. The best I could find for personality descriptions was hunting and trapping books and fur farm books... not the most pleasant sources of such info. Youtube is handy in that regard sometimes by videos of people's pets, zoo animals, or wildlife as they interact with humans or other animals. Now that my internet access is a bit limited (temporarily), I find myself looking up stuff in my encyclopedia set and am always disapointed in the limited picture content (as that is usually the reason for looking things up). My computer programming needs are quite unique too so I will have to get back into programming again to make the programs that do not exist that I need. I have been looking through my stack of animated movie DVDs and not finding anything to fit what sort of animation I like to see... I need to do my own animation too. Even with image searchs looking for animated .gif images, the best 20 in my mind included 3 of my own...

I have yet to find a single book that explains heat storage for buildings in remotely a mathematical and methodical way to design it right... no wonder many of the projects along those lines have failed or not worked as planned... I could calculate how wrong their designs were with a simple calculator from the basic info I read in the internet for the project... and they hired engineers so if they can screw up that bad, their must be nothing out there even for engineers with money to study and read.

I was revisiting some of the "forgoten" animated movies... ones that were just not popular... and found many of them were on my favorites list while hugely popular films are not. Even for movie making, nothing comes close to the sort of films I want to see.
Ann Vole

Traitor vs sinner

I just bought the DVD of Narnia TLTWATW because I wanted to see the beaver animation. Watching it I realized that Edmond was claimed by the White Witch because he was a traitor and Aslan was the replacement sacrifice. This got me thinking about salvation and "works". Maybe the "sins" of breaking the 10 commandments and other aspects of the law are not what Christ died to forgive but rather for being a traitor and part of the anti-God camp. Of course following the law shows respect for the one who made those laws and thus a willingness to be on the correct side of the battle. Of course this is just a thought rather than anything I currently believe.