October 29th, 2009

Ann Vole

The funny evil truth

Right now I have minimal access to the internet so I cannot watch youtube or look at images for fear of using up all the alloted data I can download with my cel phone that I am using as a modem. On CBC radio, the announcer said he did not know why a particular youtube was so funny but he laughed. This video was a security camera video of a spa parking lot where someome in a SUV parked in a spot but accelerated instead of breaking and drove on top of two cars. The SUV then backed up back into the parking spot and stopped for a few seconds. Then the SUV decided to leave (hehe). Truth is funny and so is sin when someone else is tempted to sin in a way the audience would also be tempted in that situation and fails to resist that temptation. If the sin is covering up another sin or mistake, it is even funnier. The funny sin does not have to be aproved by the audience as long as the victoms of that sin are not the audience in general either.