September 26th, 2009

Ann Vole

Looks like my work here is done

I was wondering who it was that always said the phrase "Looks like my work here is done" (in some TV show) but watching the second movie in the "Night at the Musium" series, Abraham Lincolin said that and seemed to only say phrases he was famous for saying so I assume he was the original source. Someone says that phrase in "Over the Hedge" when they were done turning Stella the skunk into a faux feline fem fatalle. This week I left my cel phone at one of the places I work and they put the phone in the office (which is locked most of the time) so I could not get my cel for 3 days and I do not have internet access otherwise right now. I was mostly going through extra effort to be on line more often to support Oren Otter in what he was doing. Now that he seems to have put himself in a bit of isolation, I have little insentive to go on line. I am very overloaded with things right now too so any activity I can eliminate will result directly toward much-needed sleep. If Oren is readimg this, I am still dedicated to continue providing space to host ottercomics indefinately so feel free to make it the main domain instead of Taur if you want. I will continue to pay for the shoutcast fees with paypal too. I will be back in IRC eventually but priorities are elsewhere for a few weeks.