July 26th, 2009

Ann Vole

Happy Happy Clover and Oolong the rabbit

I was looking for images of other animals then rabbits with stuff balanced on their heads like Oolong the rabbit. I tried it and multimammate mice (or natal rats) seem to fine with the concept of staying still while stuff is balanced on their heads so I am thinking of doing something like Oolong's website. In my search I found a list of anime/manga that have cute animals as the main cast. One such show is called "Happy Happy Clover" starring rabbits mostly but there are a number of forest animals in the cast too such as a flying squirrel, owl and chipmunk. I am not sure why but I really dislike the special symbolism found in some anime like a giant teardrop/sweetdrop on the side of their head but watching the show with some-what realistic animals only for a cast, it somehow seemed more acceptable then if the characters are humans or human-like.

PS, just about every episode I can find on youtube has a character breaking their leg somewhere in the episode.

PPS, this episode has an English swear word formed with Japanese characters on a map at 2:33