July 19th, 2009

Ann Vole

Hitler was a rat

I was doodling at work and drew a generic cartoon rodent. After adding a kind-of emo hair style, I thought it looked a lot like Hitler so I added a mustache-like dark spot under the nose, titled it "Hitler was a rat" and cut it out and taped it in an obscure location at work.

Rats are social animals and I was recently reminded that the Nazi party was the socialist side of the politics of Germany at the time. What makes a socialist different then fascist seems to be a lot less then I originally thought. I kept hearing that Hitler and fascism was a reaction against communism but as I look closer, I think it is two sides of the same coin... give government lots of control and eliminate the upper and middle class people somehow. Rats maintain order in large groups by being good at and quick to give up control. Rats will fight for a dominant position in the group but not very hard... they have no hesitation at admitting defeat and becoming friends instead. The Nazi system relied on bureaucracy and paper work to make the control over people rather automatic... the communists did the same. Rats use a bunch of instinctual body language cues to quickly admit defeat without anyone getting injured in the "fight". Alternatives to being social are two-fold: be anti-social or ignoring everybody. Hamsters generally live in deserts and other areas of limited food resources so they are instinctively anti-social so they do not tolerate having neighbors to be eating their limited food supply. Hedgehogs are rather prickly so they do not have much interaction with other hedgehogs but they seem to have no problem with other hedgehogs nearby. The difference is whether they are protecting their food or shelter resources or whether they are protecting themselves from violence. Capitalists generally use banks and stocks to protect their financial assets but anarchists generally use fences and bunkers. Both distance themselves emotionally from others but the capitalists use political power and vicious biting and anarchists use barbed wire and personal fortifications.
Ann Vole

Communion song

I came up with a cool tune and the words "this is my body" just seemed to fit perfectly so I wrote the following words to sort-of fit the music and some-what follow the text used in the Lutheran communion service (usually read by the pastor):

This is my body given for you
Take it and eat, remembering me
This blood signs God's deal, forgiveness renewed
Shed to save all who sinned and have need

note that the second verses rhyme with the first with exception of the "-ed" at the end.