July 13th, 2009

Ann Vole

Self-contained minimalist suites

I would like to eventually make my Regina house into several self-contained suites I was thinking of having shared shower room and laundry but now I am having second thoughts with the idea that any shared facilities require rules and as an anarchist, I don't like rules and as a experienced landlord, I know few tenants ever obey rules. I figure I can make a bit bigger of a toilet room and turn the whole room into a shower stall but have a closet inside the room to keep towels, cloths, toothbrush, etc. dry. The whole suite can drain under the wall into the same floor-drain. Modern central composting toilet units are air-tight and can handle being wet. I will have to have a water-proof toilet paper dispenser too. I might also be able to turn the room into a drying chamber and possibly have a combined automatic dish washer with automatic cloths washer. Once I had that in mind, I found I could actually visualize 9 suites in my house rather then just 7 or 8.
Ann Vole

Ssssssspambody stop me

I was going to start with twitter to do short posts in but I figure instead I will just start using tabs more often and keep all posts in the same place... watch out for a flood of twitter-like posts here.
Ann Vole

Evergreen hedge

Looking for shade-tolerant evergreen hedge-making tree safe to grow in Canada. I plan to make a few hedges with them

Looking for a vine-like or ivy-like plant to make a short but very thin green wall. Evergreen variety would be preferred.
Ann Vole

Snow melting

I want to put a handicap accessible earth ramp in my front yard and surface it with crushed rock with a buried weeping tile drain and pumped oil heat-tracing along each side for snow melt heat tracing... examples? legal? energy required?

Building a small roof on the front and back of the house for both eves cleaning and for fire escape from second floor windows: Examples? structure? brands of maintenance-free eves? fire safety guidelines? soffit requirements?
Ann Vole

PC means Pretty Close story idea

Some time in the near future the US government decides to purge the education system of all references to war, abuse of human rights, hate, etc. Part of the process was to write a condensed version of the Bible nick-named the Condy (short for condensed). History books were similarly cleansed. Later, the US was given the task (more self-appointed being that indecision was hampering progress in the UN) of providing education for the world and of course used this cleansed version of history. The story would be set even later when some guy was sure that nasty things like Hitler and world wars did happen and that the world was heading toward that same fate. Everybody dismissed him as a conspiracy theorist and hate-mongerer.