July 12th, 2009

Ann Vole

Communication is the key to all my desires

I was feeling a bit depressed about my continuing failure to achieve the chance to do two simple activities every day; my two most enjoyable activities of handling animals and playing musical instruments. I tried joining a different church thinking I might be given access to their pianos but that was a bust. I joined one of their music groups so I could have a chance to play music with them at least once a week when we practice... they will not phone me and seem to change their practice schedule often so I never get to practice with them. I played with them only once for a service and people seemed real pleased with the little playing I did (new songs for me and - you guessed it - no practice so I only played in places I could "get it") including praise from the band members themselves... a month later they have not phoned me. My dad freaked out about me having one chinchilla so my plans to start breeding animals for pets is a no-go in Regina... I guess I will have to move to Colfax sooner rather then later. The result will likely mean the only times I interact with the animals is feeding and cage cleaning while I commute to Regina for work and to Colfax just to care for the animals in minimal time.

So, what exactly do I like about playing music and handling animals? Music is a way to communicate both with the different aspects of the music and with the audience. Because all I need is ears to be an audience, I can be my own audience and truly know when I am succeeding to communicate the emotions and musical ideas as I play them. It is instant response and can be done by myself. Animals have no choice but to be a "captive" audience but with the desire to make them happy or amused, I am sure they don't mind when I succeed. I was asked why I could not make do with one pet cat and the answer is clearly that a tame cat is no challenge and the whole act of communication is lost to the different activity of just bonding and loving...not communicating.

I started listing my other favorite activities and they all involved the central act of communicating:
- teaching people stuff
- talking about technical ideas
- puppet shows
- animation
- comic art and children's books
- wearing a mascot or "fursuit" (in public of course)
- interacting with wildlife
- blogs, instant messaging, IRC, forums

The only real thing that makes music making and animal handling preferred is that I can do them all day, every day and I have instant results indicating if the communication part of the activity is successful.