July 6th, 2009

Ann Vole

If you lived with giant avians

A very large bird (crane I think) landed on the fuel pump number sign causing it to bend considerably... if we had gryphons or dragons or other large flying creatures, I think street lights, power poles, signs and similar artificial perches would have to be designed to handle the extra weight. I will have to design that into some world (comic, animation, etc).
Ann Vole

Urge to scratch and the body of Christ

The church has been likened to the body of Christ. A certain pastor I know has gotten into trouble for being too quick to chase away people who appear to be troublemakers or those with ill intent. If you have an injured part of your body or a scab that has not fully healed, it can get incredibly itchy and irritating but you must resist the urge to scratch in order for that injured part to heal. Some members of the body of Christ may look like an open wound and may be very irritating or full of infection (eg bad doctrines aka puss) but the urge to scratch them has to be controled.
Ann Vole

Anarchist Religeon

Anarchists do not want others to tell them what to do or not to do or what to beleve. In order to make that happen, they have to not care what sort of religeon other people practice or believe in. This takes some of the incentive out of evangelism but I hope the anarchist evangelist will have enough incentive from bringing the freedom and lack of persecution that anarchist beliefs bring to society. Martin Luther (the German guy from the 16 century) was a Catholic priest who just wanted people to discover the truths of the Bible by reading it themselves in their own language. Luther posted 95 things he had a problem with about the Catholic church at that time and my limited memory of reading them years ago suggests to me that they were all anarchist n nature... that is they were specifically related to stoping people in the church from using the power they had to control what people believed or did or to have humans determine if someone would get to heaven (only God can determine that).