June 21st, 2009

Ann Vole

Black as the new green?

I have been wearing black and dark gray cloths for practical reasons of not showing stains and looking OK even when dirty. I recently found out that recycled thread material can only be made into dark colors due to inconsistent dye setting with changing grades and sources.

Website design can be a bit "greener" if the screen is dark more often. A large part of the monitor's power usage does not matter what color the screen is but the part that is dependent on color is lower with dark colors to make less light.

It is good to use low wattage bulbs and use lights that are closer to what needs to be lit up but the real savings come from having the bulbs turned off as much as possible. Automatic light switching can help but lifestyle changes that eliminate the need for lighting is the ultimate solution.

Recycled plastics and other materials often get contaminated and look bad unless they are made into black-colored items. Choosing the dark colors tell manufacturers that dark colors are indeed marketable so even if the item is not recycled, black choices could lead to more recycled products in the future.

Solar heat energy has the greatest possible impact on our energy becoming self-made and local. The problem is solar panels need to be black or dark colors, even if they are disguised as regular walls and roofing materials. Choosing dark colors for your home could make adding solar to be more "invisible" and not give solar panels the bad name of "ugly".
Ann Vole

Christian punk fashion idea

I always wear out the knees on my pants so as I head to church, I notice how ugly my knees looked. Knee pad style patches would be functional for me but they would get looks at church. Then the idea came to me that they could be called "prayer pads" as in for kneeling. Then I figured they need to be put on upside down with the word "pray" on them so to the person wearing the pants sees the word correctly.
Ann Vole

The color of anarchy

Just curious if a color has been assigned to the political ideas of anarchy or minimum government. Red is for left, socialist, communist and blue is for right-thinking, fascist, and maybe capitalist ideals. Green generally means local government and concern over environmental factors (good for anarchists) but it also advocates stronger government controls and standards which clash with anarchic ideals. Recent changes in right-wing politics advocates less government controls over economic forces which is desirable for anarchists but the right-wing politics are still strongly on the side of big business rather then local and small business. Left-wing politics generally pushes the ideals if treating everyone equally and not having anybody have power over another which anarchists agree with whole-heartedly but have a big problem with the typical strong controls and big governments that left-wing politics uses to force everyone to be the same... the difference is anarchists have no problem with people being different (like rich or poor) as long as they are treated the same... leftists usually want to tax the rich more then the poor.

A simple rich color with an easily recognized name will be needed... yellow is not very rich and red, blue and green are taken leaving no primary colors. I will have to do some research and pick one of one does not already have a history for such a use.