May 28th, 2009

Ann Vole

Soft rats

There is an African rodent that looks like a mouse (how it stands, what it's face looks like) but gets to the size of a large rat. They are called African Soft Furred Rats or ASF or sometimes natal rats (Praomys natalensis). One exotic animal distributor sells "African soft-tailed rats" but I think that is a typo. They seem to have a good variety of colors and patterns too. I might buy a breeding pair of them to see what they are like through their full life cycle as compared to the other rodent species I have had. There is a local pet store that has male ones for sale.
Ann Vole


I need to make a new contract with my parents to allow me to raise animals here in my house in Regina I think (they share the ownership title with me and the bank they have a mortgage with). My mom suggested it was OK (and could not see why I insisted on doing it in my place in Colfax instead) but the original contract stated that I could only have one cat "for rodent control". The difference is then I was expected to rent the place out and now my parents are strongly suggesting I do not rent out. I have three options for raising animals:
1) move to Colfax, not have work except weekends, require transportation, and "moth-ball" the Regina house (no water or gas, 24 hour monitored alarm system)
2) rent somewhere else in Regina to raise the animals at, moth-ball the Regina house cannot afford to rent two places without limiting utilities) and forget doing any other goals for Colfax
3) raise the animals in the Regina house and hope to get some stuff done in Colfax on occational trips out there between all the shifts I do at work in Regina.