May 26th, 2009

Ann Vole

parasites are efficient

What makes Humans special:

There are two ways of getting the things an animal needs (food, water, shelter, companionship, warnings of danger), be a producer of those things or be a parasite. If you look at the efficiency of the two, being a parasite is far more efficient. Now I include group behavior as a form of being a parasite to others in your own group which has the nicer sounding term of "symbiosis" and words like "sharing" and "cooperation" and "society" are involved but technically it is still classed as a form of parasitism. Some animals like rats make for effective parasite species as they enjoy the company of others including of another species yet are just as quick to kill and eat another creature if food is in need. Rats were likely a rather limited-range species of the Mongolian deserts and living among the different animals of the desert. Then they discovered humans wandering down the "Silk Trail" and made their way around the world being effective parasites of humans and by concentrating on our garbage, were generally ignored until their numbers got too big to eliminate. Humans have language and more specifically a written language so we can be parasites of information too. This grants us great efficiency and lets us take over the world. Norway rats and Roof rats (Rattus norvegicus, Rattus rattus) are rarely found in the wild and generally do not do well away from humans. Humans in the wild rarely survive and if they do, it is usually when they are in the care of some benevolent or prey animal... or they are well read on living in nature so it is only by parasitism of some sort that we can make it in the wild. I do not rate us humans as any different then any other animal except for our bipedal stance and graspable fingers gives us a great tool for moving stuff and building things and our language gives us society, culture and literature forms of parasitism to make us incredibly efficient at getting and making the things we need.

Our species is not "dominant", just the king of parasitism.
Ann Vole

A good name for a mouse-wizard

I have a character in my webcomic (of the future) who is a wizard who was in a duel with another wizard and attempted to turn that wizard into a mouse but the other wizard had devised a way to turn a spell back on to the one casting the spell. Unprepared for being turned into a mouse, the wizard was unable to turn himself back into a human again and his unconscious human form eventually died. I am not sure why I like this name for him but "Magelle" or "Magella" seems to fit nicely. I was figuring he would be living in France at the time of his transformation into a mouse for various story reasons but he has to end up in England a few hundred years later (still as a mouse... when his current mouse body dies, his soul/spirit moves to a near-by mouse body)

As a human, he was a pretentious showman magician who was only interested in magic to make his shows more fantastic and boost his fame as the greatest magic showman. The rival magician was into dark magic for the soul purpose of controlling world politics. Both of them were interested in stealing eachother's powers and seeking revenge for past efforts at doing so. The other wizard, upon investigation of his missing rival, found the transformation spell and used it to become a powerful sky dragon to search the world for what ever (presumably powerful) animal his rival turned himself into (not realizing the spell was designed to be cast on someone else rather then oneself) but was victim to the same inability to turn back to human form.
Ann Vole

mysterious screen splatters

I was wondering how my computer screen kept getting splatters on it. I just noticed fresh splatters a few minutes ago... after laughing out loud.

"If this grosses you out, you're looking at it right." was one source of LOL
Ann Vole

Kappa Mikey and Guano

There is an animated show I have not seen but I love the premise: A Japanese anime show is lagging in the ratings called "Lily Mu" so they have a contest to get a new star and an American kid wins and moves to Japan... but he is drawn different and cannot do lots of the things anime characters do. Many anime shows have a mascot animal character and often of an undetermined species. Lilly Mu has Guano, a small purple guy who looks like a Pokemon. The fun difference is that Guano is the writer and director of Lily Mu along with being the mascot character. I love having a show-within-a-show and I love having the mascot animal character taking on a role bigger then comic sidekick. I cannot seem to find any youtube episodes but here is Guano singing about being purple.


here is the first in a series of short excerpts from the show

and here is #1 for a different copy of the same series (some numbers are missing)

edit 2:

Guano has only one word he says as a character on Lilly Mu, "Guano" thus he is definitely meant to make fun of Pokemon. (Off-set - which is most of the show - he definitely talks a lot though)