May 25th, 2009

Ann Vole

losing interest in the internet

Everyone uses the internet for different things but I think they can be classed as one of these three things: communication, entertainment, and information. I have been looking hard for communication and information on the alternate energy stuff and am not finding anything new for information and nobody really interested in talking about the alternate energy stuff in the sort of detail I want to get into. I think the only way to learn something new is to do my own building and testing projects and the only way to discuss the details with truly interested people is to write a book on it. For entertainment, I find the only thing that interests me is watching people interact with pets and that just gets me jealous of them. Looks like my ultimate entertainment is to have pets myself. Animation is a bit interesting but only in that I keep thinking of how I could do better in the story end of things and definitely better in the technical stuff if I had the equipment, time, and money. Making my own films on my own animation equipment seems to be the only real way to make animation my activity and watching stuff is not really getting me to that goal. I still want to be a contributor to furry Christian stuff such as CFF, Ottercomics, and ChristianFurs but there is not much I can contribute to online that I cannot do just as effectively offline such as webcomic art, music, and audio recording.