May 22nd, 2009

Ann Vole

Webcomic idea: do not adjust your sett

A fox kit from a fur farm is used for an experiment where a radio receiver is connected to the fox's brain. Somehow the kit ends up in the wild raised as a wild fox. This kit is constantly exposed to radio broadcasts so learns English but remains in the wild and interprets human issues in a uniquely fox-like way and along the way makes wild animal friends who show the disconnect of humans to life in nature. I believe a fox den is called a sett, if not, the main character could be a badger instead (I am sure a badger den is called a sett).
Ann Vole

The three things I hate about my life

I was thinking of what I need to do to improve my life and so I listed the things I did not like about my life and everyone of these things turned out to be various reasons I could not do the following three activities: handle small animals, play music (specifically the piano), and create art (specifically animation and puppets). The three things are thus: 1) the inability to have pets because pet stores kick me out so I have to own them 2) lack of a vehicle to use the chuch piano when staff are around... I do not have a key anymore. I have a keyboard but I lack the right software to make it work. 3) I cannot make a light table of the size I need for my way of animating. I cannot set up animated puppet sets. These things require a lot of work and will be considered a fire risk to my parents in this house (tons of newspapers, bare wood frames hung from the ceiling and piled with computer wires). An alternative is to use a graphics tablet (with software I have) but the pen for my graphics tablet went missing and is not replacable and I cannot afford a new tablet.
Ann Vole

Rudolph and new myths

Santa Clause used to be an elf that used magic rather than any sort of sleigh or north pole address or flying reindeer (with a glowing nose). All that new stuff was created by songs, films, advertising campaigns. There are some films I have seen starring mice who do the tooth-fairy work with a whole bunch of new myth about them. I believe they are all made by the same studio but definitely a different set of staff. Are they creating a new myth? Only time will tell if other people take that version of the tooth fairy story as the original myth.

Is it a good thing or bad to have myths? I am not sure... our brains and cultures seem to have been making them as far back as history can be studied. Are some of them true? I feel many of the aspects of Christian beliefs to be true but who knows for sure? Are religions good or bad? I think they seem to be necessary to our brains so may be unavoidable. They are often the source of conflict but I think they are often also the source of peace too when greed is the original source of the conflict in question. Greed and religion and maybe fear seem to be the forces that shape our cultures. Greed and fear are the only things left to shape a culture if religion is removed... I tend to think religion is the more useful culture-shaping tool of the bunch. Making myth might be the most effective way to build the religion and culture of tomorrow for a more productive and happy future for mankind.