May 21st, 2009

Ann Vole

Children are the wet cement in society's foundation

Adults are usually too set in their thinking to take on a new way of life. I keep thinking of making a book on alternate energy and sustainable lifestyles to fill the gap in ideas I find in the adult sections of the library o those topics. I was rather pleasantly surprised when I went to the children's non-fiction section with the same Dewey Decimal numbers for those topics and found stuff with more of the kinds of thinking I was looking for (and not finding) in the adult sections. Because of this, I think I should be aiming at a younger audience for my non-fiction books on alternate energy and sustainability lifestyles stuff. I already have over 2000 book ideas for children's fiction so I can also go in that direction and remain on-track. One problem is that some of my most important new ideas involve some serious math and an understanding of calculus... but that stuff can be added to an appendix for more involved readers (the adults reading the same book who are actually building a house). I was looking for ways to make money while living in the middle of nowhere (no jobs near Colfax). I was surprised by one person I know who may be making a bit of money doing stand-up comedy in Second Life, a virtual space on the internet. I would never have guessed that such an opportunity would ever happen. I think I need to build many of my ideas virtually rather then in real life and conduct classes in these ideas in virtual worlds like Second Life. This way I can teach these ideas to people anywhere in the world and make money all without leaving my house. If I am making my own food and utilities (energy, water, waste recycling) then my monetary needs will be minimal. If I am doing proposals for children's books too (and maybe even making my own books) I can have future income if the virtual world income opportunities dry up. Raising animals for pets and animal actors will still happen but I am not too hopeful those activities will really make for a steady and reliable income stream.