May 20th, 2009

Ann Vole

I'm a sinner

I got the message that "my sins are catching up with me" but thought "what sins?"... that is when I started to see many of them. Some kids are coming into my yard and busting the boards off my fence. I keep fixing the fence and the keep breaking it. I am having thoughts of murder... Jesus said thinking of doing a sin is as bad as doing it.

Someone said they are a Deist which is someone who believes in a creator but does not believe that creator is around or does not care about this creation. Deists generally reject the concept of miracles or the power of prayer. I suggested I was the exact opposite of a deist because I communicate regularly with God that reveals knowledge that only a being with supernatural abilities could know and regularly witness supernatural events like miracles but when it comes to the issue of creation, I have some doubts. On a forum about animal issues, someone was suggesting that a guy named Richard Dawkins along with Darwin were the greatest minds ever to be born. Dawkins has become rather well known for his 30-year-old book "the selfish gene" and more recently for BBC and PBS documentaries on evolution or attacking religion in general. I was watching Dawkins on youtube put down every religious defender by interviewing them and then as soon as their arguments start getting good, Dawkins butts in and trashes the partial argument the person had started to present. Through all these videos I was thinking that maybe I could keep my close relationship with the Living God and still believe that evolution might possibly explain the "origin of species". That is a sin in the form of the first commandment... having a different god to explain how we came to be. Sure some of the evolutionary theory applies to genetics which I have no problem with... God built the genetics system well... but I am not going to entertain the thought that this same adjustment system to genetics can account for the development of life itself. I will continue to study genetics as a praise to the Creator's wisdom but not bother with Darwinism as a replacement for a Creator.

I am working too hard. The sabbath day was made for man rather then the other way around (As Jesus said) but the punishment assigned to the act was severe (stoned to death) so it seems quite important. I need to take a day off for prayer every week... not been happening lately.