May 17th, 2009

Ann Vole

New self-improvement plan (one month)

For my psyche, I think I require pet rodents and to start on my road to making raising animals as the key aspect of my life, I am buying 4 "blue" degus (unusual gray genes for a pet rodent related to guinea pigs and chinchillas), two of each gender to make sure I am building up a breeding colony of them without inbreeding (in case anyone is infertile or does not figure out the concept of sex).

I need to start making music every day and if I can figure out how to eventually make money composing and delivering the songs through the internet, I can have a source of income other then animals when living in Colfax.

I need to start driving again so I will get my scooter going, buy a motorcycle body suit (so I will brave gravel roads), and get my full motorcycle license (needs a driver test).

Flash animation I figure I can do well once I figure out the software. I will either find my graphics tablet pen or get a new tablet so I can draw effectively without a light table and without any physical art supplies or paper.

I will do my taxes and hopefully get enough back to pay some of my bills and free up some income by eliminating utilities so I can instead use the university swimming pool and exercise equipment to get some decent muscles.