May 4th, 2009

Ann Vole

Anton Ego's Mom?

The restaurant critic, Anton Ego, in the movie Ratatouille, was transported to his childhood by Reme's (the rat) ratatouille dish. For some reason, I cannot get the idea out of my head that the old lady in the country where Reme's family lived could be Anton's mother. The old lady is hunched over and wearing glasses but the memory of Anton's mother is not that. Anton is hunch-backed a bit and wears glasses too (and neither is true as a kid) so they could still be the same person. I looked carefully at the film for those two scenes and they are definitely different buildings (or at least a significantly remodeled one) but they did share many common elements and items. Reme would have seen the old lady cook and whatever he did to the ratatouille worked to remind Anton of his mother's cooking. Whenever the old lady turned on a cooking show, she would fall asleep so I am thinking she is not turning on a cooking show to watch it but rather is thinking of her son, Anton the renown food critic. As for the main people responsible for Reme's life to take drastic turn, it would be the old lady and Anton.

edit: in case it is not clear, the first point I intended to make was that Reme would have seen the old lady cook and if the old lady is Anton's mom, Reme would have seen how she made ratatouille and obviously she would make it often. Anton may have also reminded Reme of the old lady if they are in fact mother and son leading to the intuitive sense that ratatouille, made that particular way, would be appealing to Anton.