April 18th, 2009

Ann Vole

Mice Are Nice (pets)

There is an easy-reader type children's book called "Mice Are Nice" by Charles Ghigna (illustrated by Jon Goodell) that I thought some of you here would enjoy. A mouse in a pet store tells you why a mouse is a better pet species to choose then a wide variety of other pet species.
Ann Vole

Long road to good health

I noticed I have more body hair then I have ever had in my life. My body hair was so thin before that it would fall out easily and grew very slow as it was. Being bleach-blond never helped either but now that it is thicker and longer, I know the color was only a small factor in it not being visible. I even had professional swimmers think I shaved my body like they did to reduce drag... nope no shaving. I theorize that being allergic to my own hair (as allergy tests indicated) was what caused the thin hair and I figure my restrictive rotational diet reduced my allergies (to everything I was allergic to including my hair) that now my hair is allowed to grow thicker but it might also be connected to good nutrition due to both eating better and due to lack of swelling in my intestines (due to cured allergies to foods) making my intestines better able to absorb nutrients.

I figure I am still contaminated with some toxin that makes my hands (and sometimes my whole body) feel that "pins and needles" sensation. I recently took doctor-prescribed medication for the microscopic parasitic intestinal worms that have been bothering me for about 4 years with them getting much itchier in the process (indicating it was doing something) but it did not get rid of them even for a day. I have tried a number of different active ingredients for "pinworm" medications over the last few years with the same lack of success. I am reading a book on increasing your IQ and the first two steps are to treat internal parasites and flush the body of toxins.

Exercise, vitamin supplements, raw foods diet, reduced toxins (but not eliminated apparently), and reduced allergies make me healthier then I have ever been in my life but I can tell I am not up to health somehow due to my reduced mental capacity and inability to create circadian rhythms and sleep patterns (which in turn would help my mental and physical health).