March 6th, 2009

Ann Vole

Out with the old but I am the new

My library has discarded all the books written on the topics of interest to me including the only book I know of on annual heat storage methods. The complete lack of books on these important building topics that are less then 20 years old tells me that I HAVE TO make a new book covering these topics. Looking at a documentary of one of the founders of independently powered buildings ("Earthships"), I can see that the leaders in this movement are lacking in clear instructions on design parameters for energy movement and storage and only succeed by trial-and-error and the very forgiving nature of high-mass designs. Even the basics of convection currents seem to be mis-understood by the only people actually making buildings that utilize convection currents. Just because I think I see the concepts more clearly from all my internet googling and oogling books on the complex topics of cloud formation and atomic-level fluid mechanics, does not mean I truly understand so I have to make some prototypes to confirm that I really understand before I teach people what I know. I can still start the long process of writing the text and making the graphics while I make some prototypes. I cannot forget to take pictures and video along the way too of course.