February 26th, 2009

Ann Vole

Building Science for a Cold Climate

There are a number of topics requiring rather obscure sets of mathematical equations and data tables that I have been gathering for the proper design of my alternate energy ideas. I was pleasently surprised to find much of that stuff compacted into one book "Building Science for a Cold Climate". The copy at my library looks like the original edition but it was obviously too good to change so the Canadain government republished the book:


I will likely need to buy my own copy as it will be the sort of thing I would bring along with me (with a scientific calculator) when doing any assessment of an alternate energy idea or potential instalation. Other then all the stuff about frost heave, the rest of the world can use this book too if they plan to build an energy self-sufficient building or a building using soil as a significant proportion of the building mass.
Ann Vole

Sandy Cheeks and Gadget Hackwrench

I was looking for a name for a male ground squirrel character to use for alternate energy stuff. I thought of Sandy as a good soil-related male name and it has connections with Ann (Ann -> Andrew -> Andy -> Sandy). Someone blew that name down though by mentioning Sandy Cheeks, the female ground squirrel from Texas who shows up on Spongebob Squarepants in diving gear. I have not seen much of that show but what I have seen shows me that Sandy is a bit of a geek for a female character. She has built a home under the sea that has air and a tree and she is often inventing or spouting scientific facts. I like female geek characters and think we need more. Gadget Hackwrench (Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers) is one such character... pilot, inventor, scientific type, tom-boy, a bit absent-minded (in the scientist sense). Rebecca Cunningham (Tail Spin) is a business woman and entrepreneur which is not quite a geek character but still the kind of female character I woud like to see more of too.

I realized that I have a rather low count on such characters in my stuff too so I must do some rewriting to make more geek and entrepreneur characters and of course make more of them female as well. I do have a lot of such characters in one part of my "epic webcomic" but they do not count as that society is a female dominant society and very chauvinistic (females considered better then males in all repects) but done on purpose to explore such issues from a kind of "mirror image" perspective (switch genders)