February 9th, 2009

Ann Vole

Already dead

I am just starting the documentary "Standard Operating Procedures" and paused the DVD to post this before I forgot. One soldier said that when you consider yourself as already dead, you are able to do the crazy things you must do to get the job done as a soldier. This thought was behind a story I had that eventually changed from being something like the movie "Borne Identity" about a post-cold-war spy who both sides of the cold war wanted him dead due to the secrets he know and he had set up so many false deaths that both sides did not know if he was alive or dead and both sides would always doubt the death was real... changed to an alien creature on another planet in the same sort of scenario except I added civil war on one side, a religious revolution on the other side and the main character dealing with racism issues as he pretends to be both a different gender and different race (different species actually)... complete with a love story. It was at the end of that part of the story where he decides to go on essentially a suicide mission (leave his planet and likely never return) instead of committing suicide as he planned.

Suicide bombers and US soldiers both considering themselves dead to get the job done of moving their own idea of freedom forward... an odd way of looking at the similarities and differences of the Iraq conflict. Now to watch this documentary and see if there are new angles I need to work into my story somehow.