January 25th, 2009

Ann Vole

Slight change in focus

My main focus will always be talking animals but the sideline focus of making instructional videos (starring animals) on subjects of use for low-income people around the world (with emphasis on building design for alternate energy utilization) will change from instructing individuals to make houses to instructing groups of people to develop green communities. The technologies will mostly be identical but there are extra topics when you are doing multi-family buildings and larger scale projects that will involve city planning officials and utilities providers.
Ann Vole

Triune Godhead

Jesus said many things that suggested that he was the same person as the creator-God as the Jewish people knew Him. Jesus also said that God would send a "councilor" after Jesus left the Earth. The vague nature of these three beings who are also suggested to be one and the same provided fodder for a wide variety of understandings of the relationship and nature of these three. As a Lutheran, the three are equal in scope and power and all three being separate aspects of the same God. There are few passages in the Bible to make such a belief concrete but none are clearly in opposition to that view either. I was reading on the split between the Catholic and Orthodox churches being centered on the wording of the Nicene Creed. The original wording suggested that Jesus was formed out of the creator and the Spirit was formed out of Jesus. The Orthodox did a slight word change in this to avoid that suggestion. The Catholics insisted on keeping the original wording of this creed (which was developed in a meeting of the early church). I don't think I follow that progressive nature of the three but it is an interesting concept to consider.