January 17th, 2009

Ann Vole

Terminal velocity

Talking to someone who knew Yuoofox fairly closely, it appears that a snowstorm prevented a resubscription of antidepressants and shortly after being back on them but before they took effect, he jumped off a building. After hearing that, almost every song on the radio seems to be referring to jumping off buildings. I love jumping off buildings but obviously do my best to make sure I do not injure myself in the process. Earlier this month I posted a few times referring to an idea of building a fursuit that could successfully let me glide in from a great height and land safely. What is it that makes jumping such an attractive activity and common suicide method? I am not sure but it must be restricted to humans because most small animals hit the "terminal velocity" very quickly (the speed where gravity pulls the same amount as the wind resistance slows it down resulting in a steady speed) and land unharmed yet never do it just for fun. I hope you do not read this post as insensitive because this news is very much on my heart. I knew Yuoofox for years now as someone who thought much like I did and liked some of the same webcomics. I also have tried some of the antidepressant medications for the treatment of my bipolar disorder and know how going on and off them can send your mind into new areas never explored before... I can sympathize. I just want to see the world though his eyes. I pray that his afterlife journey goes better for him then his last year in physical form (read his journal).