January 7th, 2009

Ann Vole

OS woahs

I was just starting to get interested in operating systems (OS) for computers and I am thrust into the issue head-first when trying to get IRC (Internet Relay Chat) set up on my cel phone. My cel is a Palm Treo so the earlier model I had (650) used a Palm OS but the newer one uses Windows Mobile 6 OS (WM6). The problem is that WM6 is really just Palm OS made to look like Windows. Most Windows programs will run but as soon as those programs start to look for special files they expect to find in Windows, those files are often not what is expected or not even there. Java is one such set of programs that looks deeper so you need java interpreters and such that were designed for Palm instead of Windows... And then those do not work with the windows programs. IRC can be accessed on the internet...but using java in the browser (and java does not work through the windows part of WM6). Firefox browser can add Chatzilla IRC but firefox will not run on WM6 (maybe next year they think). There are a bunch of IRC programs out there but most will not install (likely due to needing java) or will not connect (they seem to me missing expected windows files). WM6 does not run under DOS like other windows OSs so DOS-based IRC are not an option either. IRC programs specifically made for Palm OS also do not seem to work or load in WM6... Likely because it looks like Windows... Files are not in expected places. Anyone who has tried to get Linux running with Windows on a duel-boot set-up knows that Windows needs to think it is the only OS on the machine... By what I have read, WM6 is the same so getting linux on this cel is trickier then of it was a palm OS. (the boot is looking for WM5 or WM6).

Need is the mother of invention so I might need to invent something...fixes to WM6 and java or a different way to port the IRC that various cel OS systems will accept equally or non-java website IRC ports... Something.

I had security problems on my webpage server that involved pHp, MySQL, Javascript and Java so I am thinking of trying to make the whole set of websites to only use perl (which has a number of security features not found on other languages used on the internet). There are at least two perl-based IRC port software out there so I will give them a try... Then other people with the same problem of there OS not recognizing java will still be able to use the IRC port.

I keep finding iPhone fans out there but the first thing I ask is "can you do IRC?... How about other IMs?" They have Java working but the things do not seem to work with non-Mac software and the IRC software for the Mac does not seem to work either. In the end, they (Mac programmers) are in the same boat as WM... Trying to make a cel phone work like a laptop and not building a proper OS.
Ann Vole

Bus driver to pet transport

I need a higher paying job and two of the skills I have are driving big vehicles and cheerful customer service (even in the "most dangerous community in Canada" as rated by McLean's Magazine). I think I would do well as a bus driver. Starting wage is more then twice my current wage and goes up real fast (in three years I will be getting more then 4 times my current wage). I am making this post to record two web pages related to bus driver training in Canada.



The other consideration is driver training for semi-trucks is the same class as is needed for bus drivers and costs hundreds of dollars and will be needed if I am shipping rodents around. They give you training as part of the job and obviously I will get experience too.
Ann Vole

Early Christians and Furries

Early Christians lived in a time where mail was relatively quickly moved throughout the vast Roman Empire. People all over were enjoying the new theater shows from many cultures and you were not necessarily different just because you believed differently. Christianity was not the only new idea sweeping through the wide world of the day. Most of the New Testament in the Bible is really letters sent between the churches that some people thought were so insightful that they would copy them and send them on to other churches. Furries developed at a time when instant communication around the globe including pictures and webcomics and virtual spaces and blogs and chat rooms, is now available for very cheap. With this communication people with strange interests can find each other and interact in spite of the thousands of miles and even oceans between them. Am I addicted to IRC chat rooms? I don't think so but I sure would miss my friends without it. Romans built roads and shipping routes to help patrol the vast empire even if war broke out. The US government built the internet to keep their intelligence networks up even during a nuclear war. Both the Roman roads and the government's internet were made available to the public and both resulted in incredible positive changes to society. Both also brought new ideas and porn that the established religions and repressive governments disliked/dislike. Being a Christian Furry is doubly rare and add being a science buff and rodent fanatic, finding others with that same set of interests would be impossible only a few years back... Now it is fairly easy (as long as both people are looking via the same technology). Lets hope the internet stays uncensored and cheap and (mostly)global.
Ann Vole


My church has a special kind of church service once a month called Mysterium. The following is the reminder email of the next one

Subject: Mysterium for the New Year

Hello Mysterium folks,
The next Mysterium Worship Experience will be this Friday (January 9th) at 8:00 PM - 4825 Dewdney Avenue.
Our theme is the Mystery of Ordinary Things.  If you would like to bring an "ordinary thing" that means something to you to add to our display of Ordinary Things, please feel free to do so.
As always we will be having a time of Coffee and Conversation after our worship time is over.
Hopefully we will see you on Friday.  If not, have a great New Year, and hope to see you sometime in 2009.
Pastor Dennis
PS - forward this email to anyone you think might appreciate what we do at Mysterium.
It is the task of theology solely to preserve God's wonder as wonder,
to understand, to defend, to glorify God's mystery as mystery.
(Dietrich Bonhoeffer - from a circular letter, 1939)
Ann Vole

Cerulean eyes song idea

I am not sure how to spell cerulean (sky blue color) but I think the word is beautiful. The song would go something like "looking through your cerulean eyes and your clear cold soul" playing on the concept that the eyes are the windows to the soul but this beautiful person seems soul-less... Maybe the soul is clear like the sky as seen through those cerulean eyes. (edit 2: it WAS spelled wrong but now is spelled right)
Ann Vole

Rats banned!

I went to the office of the rural municipality for the area surrounding my city (RM of Sherwood around Regina Saskatchewan) and bought a map of the area that has names of the owners of the land marked on (at the time of printing in 2007). I mentioned that my intention was to buy land to raise pet rodents on and the lady informed me that pet rats were banned. I was not too surprised because a few RMs in Saskatchewan made the same bylaws (at the suggestion of the provincial minister of health...who happens to also be a rodent exterminator by trade). That does put a question mark on the idea of buying land for my facilities from that particular RM (even if I do not raise rats and concentrate on other rodents). The lady was kind enough to find and photocopy the official original bylaw. Now I will have to check out the other surrounding RMs for similar bylaws as well as any towns I may be interested in buying land in. I am glad they specified the genus Rattus so other animals with "rat" in their common names (like woodrat) are not banned.