January 4th, 2009

Ann Vole

Aquatic flying fursuit

The character in my webcomic (the epic one I will start someday) is an alien creature from a world that sometimes has a very thick atmosphere to be similar to water but other times the atmosphere is more like our atmosphere. Because of this, I was thinking he should be designed somewhat like a cross between a sting-ray and a flying squirrel or coluga. Being that Ann Vole is supposed to be a computer program, my fursuit was to be something else. I am an aquatic kind of person so always was thinking of making an aquatic-safe fursuit. I also love jumping off of buildings and the high diving board at the pool. Jumping out of airplanes would be fun I am sure but rather expensive, especially to test and refine a gliding "flying squirrel" fursuit... why not stick it all together and design an aquatic flying-squirrel fursuit and test it at swimming pools off the high diving boards? This is now solidly in my mind what I will be aiming for in fursuit designs. Most vole species will flee to open water, including fast-flowing water in mid winter, because they are great swimmers and have some-what water-proof fur. Some people might remember the very old TV show "The Man from Atlantis" where the main character was raised by dolphins (instead of wolves) and swam that way too (like a dolphin). I loved that show and proceeded to learn to swim that way myself. That skill might come in handy to swim in a fursuit "sting-ray" style.

edit: a response to Ashenfox's comment below
Ann Vole

The gap between cel phone and laptop

These two devices used to be completely unrelated hardware but now they are getting closer to the same thing. The problems are the operating system and the peripheral connections. Using a computer like a cel phone is getting easier with voip and new wireless connection hardware that can use cel frequencies (you even put a cel phone sim card in them). Cel phones are being equipped now with loads of ram memory and fast processor speeds. My problem is trying to connect USB devices to my cel phone... even through FireWire or BlueTooth, the connections seem to require a USB dongle to be plugged in to a laptop to get passcodes and encryption codes. Then if I do get a connection established, there are no drivers written to make the Blueooth or FireWire signal look like the USB signal it started out to be. The operating systems made for computers are different then those for cel phones including Windows Mobile. I am going to give this my best effort though because I think I need to be more portable with My computer use. A piano keyboard and a scanner and possibly a graphics tablet would make a cel phone with an optional external screen very much like a laptop. Once set up, I can post music, webcomics, webpages... anything anywhere
Ann Vole

Big heart and lose tear ducts

I just watched the movie "The Secret Life of Bees". I don't think I cried this hard at any other movie before. What gets the tear ducts going seems to be strong emotions in the characters (rather then any event in the movie). This is where I think I can do well (strong emotions in characters) but the question is how other people react to films like "The Secret Life of Bees". The basic advice and wisdom of film making (and any form of story making) is make what you like and there will be an audience somewhere. The question is how big that audience might be.