January 2nd, 2009

Ann Vole

The most wonderful thing I ever saw in my dreams

In a dream I just woke up from, I had gotten a book hold from the library. I put holds on all sorts of books as suggested by internet sources or just getting other things made by a new author or illustrator I have an interest in. Consequently book holds can be complete surprizes to me. In the dream I was taking some sort of creative art course on movie prop making. Completely unrelated, I thought I would open the latest library hold while waiting for the class teacher to show up. It was a pop-up book about farm animals. The first page opened was all white being a scene of sheep and nursing lambs in frost-covered White Poplar trees and lots of snow. The next page was pigs and piglets. Moving the paper animals made the piglets nurse or to change to larger and larger versions of piglets. The book was rather thin for a pop-up with such detail but each scene fit into the other like a jig-saw puzzle and the parts were ebossed (press-formed) into three dimentional shapes that contained the moving parts.
Ann Vole

Everything on hold

My goals seem simple but each is held up by a rather trivial thing I am required to do instead of what I really want to do. Raising animals for my own pets (and eventually for a pet raising business but just my pets is still well out of reach); I need a place to keep them and assurance that I will not be forced ever again to get rid of them. Play the piano; I need a place to put a piano that will not require to move it again. An alternative is a $2000-$3000 electric piano with fully "weighted" keys. My keyboard I bought might do but it needs software which I hope to get with "ProTools" (so I refuse to buy different software first). Fix my house in Colfax; I was forced to get rid of my cars instead of fixing them... now I need another vehicle that can drive on gravel. Fix my bus; it needs a bit of power tools and welding and a new battery and has to be worked on in Colfax. Draw comics and animation; need a light table but cannot have one in my house for sale and Colfax is too far away from work. I have a graphics tablet but I think someone threw away the pressure-sensitive "pen" for it. I want to start my own business; need to advertize but I want my web page for it set up first but that needs my art tools set up (light table or graphics tablet). It is all so close but so "not here yet". For slightly more complex goals like making a film, they all hinge on one or two of the above-mentioned things to be going first.