December 29th, 2007

Ann Vole

Autonomous building enthusiests unite

I have been looking for a while for a community of those designing, constructing or using "Autonomous" buildings (that do not need utilities and can provide occupants with everything they need like food and income). The apparent lack of such a community has me thinking I need to make such a community... if I can find others who are also interested in this. A good name and domain name will be needed
Ann Vole

Secret rabbit condemnation of Bible translator

I was reading up on how to be a ventriloquist with hopes it will help me develop a wider range of voices for characters I might do the voices for in my animations and radio plays. The book gave a detailed history of the witch persecutions due to the connection with their use of ventriloquist techniques to do witchcraft trickery. I found out that King James I, the guy who commissioned the official English translation of the Bible to be used by the Church of England also known as the King James Version, also had lots of people killed for being accused of harboring a "familiar" or talking animal. It is believed he may have employed a ventriloquist to make anybody he wanted to get rid of to have such a talking animal and be hung accordingly. The familiar animal of choice seemed to be rabbits, likely due to all the chewing they do. One particular portrait of King James I has a chair design he is sitting on that looks a lot like he has a rabbit on his shoulder. This picture was in the ventriloquism book I was reading in black and white but here is a color version stolen from the internet. Also note it is on his "sinister" or left shoulder... reserved for the Devil.

original image:
Ann Vole

Lakota nation and alternate energy

I was reading about the Lakota Nation declaring independence from the USA and many of the appalling conditions they are enduring. Earlier I was reading about the traditional buildings of the Lakota people, a northern version of the Hogan, that has a lot of the ideas I want for my energy self-sufficient building designs to have. Much of these ideas are to eliminate the problems they are describing the Lakota people to be in. I think, a modern version of their traditional buildings needs to be designed and demonstrated and then incorporated in their settlements. I am living only a few hundred miles further north so if my test facilities work, they should work very well for them too with a bit warmer climate and much less wind where they are compared to where I am. Declaring independence may not be the best option but I really like the fact that someone is doing so because I think there needs to be a grass-roots shake-up of they way North America views and administers governance due to straying from the democracy that made this part of the world the center of freedom and justice.