December 26th, 2007

Ann Vole

Wall-E and the mystery of the source of genius

I just saw the first two teaser trailers for the new Pixar movie Wall-E. The first teaser mentioned this special lunch meeting (that I had already heard about years ago) where most of the Pixar movie ideas seem to suddenly hatch. Yeah, the lunch was with most of the key names of Pixar but I think, and they seem to think, that there was something special about that point in time. (see the link to the teasers below). Throughout the history of film making, there seems to be these sudden bunches of geniuses that were brought together by chance or maybe fate or something who went from that point, often in different directions, to a common type of success. I think I was in such a point. The animation society in Calgary called Quickdraw Animation Society (QAS) was recovering from a bit of bad luck and bad vibes from a failed project. They started a 10-week (one day a week) class in animation. One of the students of the first class, become the instructor of the second class. In this second class, the 9 students included 2 people who have been nominated for an Oscar for an animated short and several of the others became animated film makers of note. I was in that class too and have seen over a dozen more similar classes by that same instructor but the success rate (if you can call it that) of people in the classes taking on a career as an animated filmmaker is about 2 people per 3 classes... compared to 6 of 9 students in a single class becoming animation filmmakers as a career (not including me... I hope to make that number 7 of 9). Was such a class more inspiring? I don't think so. Each one of us in that class seem to come from a different background and reason for interest in animation and seemingly all got delayed in finding QAS until this class was getting going so it seems like something else was at work. The instructor is very good at this now and has even rejected unsolicited offers to work for Disney as an instructor... some how all sorts of great minds including the instructor converged at the same place and time.

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