December 13th, 2007

Ann Vole

My epic webcomic synopsis

I decided to post my epic webcomic story outline for people to read. Most of this will not be much of a spoiler so is not marked as such but there is a section marked spoiler due to the main character and audience not knowing this stuff as it happens but figure it out as the story progresses. I will have to decide on names for the characters, planets, and even the webcomic. I posted some details on two story arcs a long time ago and had tentative names chosen so I may edit this accordingly when I find those posts

one sentence version
A nice innocent space alien is turned into a vicious killer through hate but is converted into a savior of several worlds (including Earth and his own world) by learning love and forgiveness.

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Ann Vole

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The Japanese seem to have the cutest wildlife... maybe that is why they have the cutest animation in places. I was looking up the flying lemur character from The Avatar anime series named Momo and found that momo-san is a name for the flying squirrel in Japan and a character of that species named Momo-chan is found on a different anime series Samurai Champloo. Here is a gallery of Momo-chan
but the real flying squirrel is cuter so here is a cuteoverload page on them:
and another site with pictures (and some foul language)