November 26th, 2007

Ann Vole

Easy money on sports and real estate

I have a rental property near a sports stadium but also in a slum sort of area of town. This city was listed as the highest in crime per capita and after drastically reducing the crime rate, the city still retains that title BUT the crime rate is still going down and people are starting to move back. A few months ago, this stadium hosted the music group "The Rolling Stones" and due to being sold out in a few minutes, they did two concerts (both were sold out) and as part of the process, the stadium received a lot of upgrades. The area got extra attention to reduce crime and make the area look less slum-like. The net result was a substantial increase in property values. The city increased property values almost 30 % but this area increased more like 70 % so in one year, my property gained about 15 grand in value. The city's professional football team, The Saskatchewan Roughriders (Riders for short), has been close to the playoffs for the Grey Cup (Canada's highest award for football) for many years but never in the final game for years. This year they made the playoff game... And won the Grey Cup yesterday! This city and this province has no other big sports team so this is a big deal for making Regina and Saskatchewan look more attractive for sports fans. I suspect that the property values near the stadium (I am 4 blocks away) will go up because of this too.
Ann Vole

I need a new term to discribe people like me

The term "furry" has received a lot of negative press lately due to some people connecting it to sex. I don't see the connection as I define "furry" people as those who have a human body but feel they have a non-human mind. By this definition, I am not really very "furry" in that I have a different take: I see non-human minds to be the same as human minds. This gives me the same brains as animals while retaining the status of "human mind". I need a term for people with this attitude of the sameness of minds between humans and non-humans... "Furry" is not accurate. I think there needs to also be a new term for "furry" too to allow a separation between the "yiffy" side of the term "furry" and those who are merely "strongly connected to anthropomorphic art and ideas". The prefix "anthro" meaning "concerning humans" is a poor prefix to use for referring to non-human aspects. I will be playing around with prefixes and suffixes and odd terms to see if I can come up with better terms. I often use the term "animal lover" but of course that is easily confused with bestiality (which has no connection what so ever to what I am referring to) but that is another term that is needed... Those obsessed with all things related to animals and those like me who keep saying to myself "I sure do love animals" many times a day. The desire to pet and care for and study about all species of animals that I can is overwhelming.