November 19th, 2007

Ann Vole

New Christmas tradition - my wish list

A few years ago we started a new tradition for Christmas of drawing names and each of us getting one big present from someone and buying one big present for someone. Being rather unusual and misunderstood, nobody can figure out a good present for me. So here is a wish list for them to refer to.

Photoshop software
flash developer software
noteworthy software
some sort of synthesizer simulator software
a digital multi-track recorder
a portable digital recorder with balanced mic jack and "phantom power"
pressure sensitive touch screen (LCD preferred to be used as a graphics tablet)
GoDaddy gift certificate
high volume website space
saddle bags for a Yamaha viva scooter
large backpack (for use on scooter)
crash protection cycle jacket/suit
filing cabinets (9 drawers or more)
energy efficient small power generator (water cooled and diesel preferred)
fold-up bicycle (can take with me when on scooter or on transit bus)
Ann Vole

Monkey Business - mascot work

I went to Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant and picked up an application to work there with the express purpose of getting lots of time in the "walk around" characters. I was rather unimpressed with their robotic Chuck E. Cheese and am having second thoughts. The other option is a vacuum repair shop that makes a name for it's self with loads of gorilla suited work and publicity stunts. This will be it's 25th year in opperation and the head guy was there when I stopped by this morning. They had a quick question sheet including a check box selection of what the intended job was ("monkey, repair, cleaning, other _______________"). A quick glance at the sheet and a question of two of my available times and I have a job there starting this Saturday. He said that sometimes they need about a dozen gorilla suiters for parades and public events. This sounds like my kind of stuff... hehe
Ann Vole

Call me crazy, I will take that as a compliment

Call me crazy, I will take that as a compliment. I was reading up on Chuck E. Cheese Restaurants and found out it was started by a strange guy who was very successful at several very different endeavors. From making pocket calculators cheep to making video game systems commonplace to a restaurant with a rat mascot... he was always breaking the mold and, in some people's minds, messing up the minds of kids. I am tempted to get his books, the library does not have them.

Here is an interview with him

and here is his website full of sayings by him... read those sayings... I think there is a lot of truth to them.

Thinking outside the box for a while now, I am finding almost everything about "normal" lifestyle to be wrong... or at least inefficient. Also, for the people who seem to be on the "right track"... seem to be doing it for the wrong reasons. I never want to do anything because someone else is doing such but rather, I look at all the possible ways of doing everything with an open mind toward all those ways nobody else is doing. Going a different direction then the crowd is always harder but with some leadership skills, hopefully some of these new thinkers can change the direction of the crowd.

note: Chuck E.Cheese started out as definitely a rat but was redesigned and now considered to be a mouse.
Ann Vole

The Ugly Duckling and Me official English trailer

I found this article with links o the new film "The Ugly Duckling and Me"

in case that site goes down, here are the links from that site which include the official website with English trailers:

Official The Ugly Duckling and Me Site (embedded flash trailer within)

A. Film subsite of The Ugly Duckling and Me

The Ugly Duckling and Me at TIFF

The Ugly Duckling and Me Trailer (downloadable Quicktime)

The Ugly Duckling and Me Teaser (downloadable Quicktime)