November 6th, 2007

Ann Vole

Dream of pirate rats and twin girl actresses

I had a short dream of making a puppet movie on a set where two girl twins are on a ship and keep changing to and from adult form so two sets were made identical except one is twice normal size. The girls are in a live action movie done during the day and my pirate rat movie is done at night where I can use rat puppets of twice normal size or normal size as needed. Wireless robotic puppets were used for action shots where there was storms with rain and waves of real water splashing over the set. One of the actresses would normally go to the set at night to imagine herself in her roles but could not while I was doing my stuff so she hid in the set and watched until she was discovered when she screamed when doused with a wave of water while I was filming a nasty storm scene (far more stormy then the rescue scene in the live action movie she was in so she did not expect water where she was hiding). She was then giving me non-stop ideas on how to improve the film I was making while shivering under a blanket. She knew the script details without reading it because I was always having conversations between the characters so I could practice my voices for the characters (I worked alone but never stopped talking in different voices)