November 2nd, 2007

Ann Vole

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Ann Vole

9 businesses to start

I am going to start 9 different businesses over the next few years and thought I should specify them so I can create web pages for each and figure out how business licensing will work for each.

1) alternate energy contractor
use Elisha's Oil Ideas at Specializing in solar and heat pump retrofits for houses to start but would like to move into industrial installations
2) web artist/animator/programmer
use Ann Vole at
3) film/video/flash/book producer
use Mordecai Media at and concentrate on alternate energy self help to start but fiction starring animal actors is the ultimate goal with children's books in there too
4) animal breeding (for pets)
concentrate on ground squirrels likely
5) rental property management
already doing that but should have the first place in ownership with a mortgage soon
6) organic farm exterminator
organic farmers cannot use poisons so I will catch the rodents or insects with humane trapping methods and specialize in ground squirrel control while gathering breeding stock
7) building inspector
many architects start out as inspectors and it would help justify my production of self-help materials on alternate energy building and systems design. I will specialize in inspecting alternate energy installations or odd building designs
8) architect
designing low income ecologically sound housing and using my current rental property as an example of how to do things and also to design and build animal raising facilities.
9) industrial engineer/inventor
to design alternate energy system units (inventions) and animal raising systems to be manufactured and sold.