October 24th, 2007

Ann Vole

An idea for better police work

Effective police should have a habit of randomly showing up everywhere. Normally police only respond to complaints or figure out good locations to spot criminal activity but that only gets the dumb criminals. My idea (for city police) is for a computer to randomly assign one or two lot locations to each police officer's shifts. They just have to go to that location and report on the condition of that lot (in regards to potential for criminal activity on or near the site). This will have them randomly driving in parts of the city they may not normally go and along the way, are more likely to stumble upon a favorite location for criminals and will also apear to be higher in numbers because everywhere you go, you see a police car there at some point. Some lots may end up being owned by a dead person or someone who forgot they own such a lot so a police officer finding an un-cared-for site may trigger an investigation of the owner by bylaw officials looking to keep the city looking good. Drug houses, pot growing opperations, graffiti locations, hooker alleys, etc will be more likely to be discovered and responded to accordingly. Right now I know that certain roads have lots of police on them because they are on the road between a dounut shop and the police compound... They sould be taking different routes between their regular locations to go to. I have no problems with coffee and dounuts on breaks or at the start of a shift but they are more likely to get their mystery lot thing out of the way at the start or end of shift... Different route each day.