October 15th, 2007

Ann Vole

Some ideas on time travel and quantum physics

More and more of the details of the pseudo-science behind my epic webcomic are becoming clear and I need to start documenting them. Research into the relationship between energy as waves and energy as particles shows that when it is not measured, it behaves as waves but when you use measuring to determine which direction an energy particle has gone, then suddenly the waveforms end and the energy reacts purely as particles. I think it has something to do with the forward direction of time... If we impose our knowing on an event then it's outcome cannot be changed by future or past variables. The waves are possible outcomes. The quantum theory as they understand it says that a particle of energy is in all possible locations but is more solidly in the more probable locations. I think that ambiguity of location is simply that the energy has not yet been assigned to a point in time and space. In my webcomic, the main character travels to earth by leaving his planet at the right time to maximize his chance of returning based on wave formations formed from mixing the signal of this portal to his world with that of a return portal (based on the cycles of his planet and experience of how long a round trip usually takes). If the waveforms cease, then his outcome is sure which can only mean a successful return by him or someone (or some message) sent by him (otherwise there is always a possibility of something in the past or future changing the outcome to a return so waves of possible success or failure still happen). If he leaves and the waves remain, he has a means of letting his past self know to try leaving earlier. As long as the outcome remains unsure, all versions of him continue to exist and can influence his chances of success among one of his versions of existence.
Ann Vole

The extra effects of new vehicle technology

My old truck had something go wrong with the clutch and as a result was in an accident... a minor fender bender. Now the government run insurance company wants to inspect the truck to make sure it is road-worthy. I think it will not pass inspection easily due to all the things that don't quite work right. The alternative is to buy another vehicle but with all the new advances in safety and low emissions, the vehicles are more expensive. As a result, I am taking public transportation and riding my bicycle. I keep hearing how new technology must be affordable but I am not so sure as there are always alternatives to having a vehicle, including getting a job within walking distance to home or working from a home office. I was shopping around for a moped class scooter and found they have been dropping in price instead of going up as I would have expected from the increasing fuel costs. Competition and volume increase does result in lower price. What we need is just regulations on new vehicle standards (good fuel economy or greenhouse gas emissions caps) and the market place will do the rest (including finding non-personal-vehicle solutions to people's transportation needs)