September 25th, 2007

Ann Vole

three ways to survive a fire

Fire fighters will give you three rules to survive a fire and I put them as method one. Those three rules are:
-fire alarms in working order including battery backup with wired-in power
-escape plan including alternate plans
-once you are out do not go back in but instead meet at a designated place

method 2: make the home non-flammable:
- double gyproc, metal studs, stone/concrete floor, non-flammable hanging ceiling
- built-in furniture and shelving/storage which is made with non-flammable materials
- non-flammable curtains, rugs, mattress
- concrete or stucco siding and metal-clad doors

Method 3: eliminate sources of ignition:
- no fuel or flame in the building including furnaces
- built-in appliances and lighting so cords are not needed
- ground fault interrupt circuits
- new electrical wiring that is over-sized for wire thickness and undersized for circuit breakers
- only have non-smokers and ban the use of incense or candles
- food cooking appliances with timers so forgotten food is cold instead of burnt
- good heating systems and fresh air provisions so portable heaters are not needed and windows are not open during a fire in an unoccupied room
- automatic lighting so lights are not on needlessly and portable lighting is not used instead.
- radiant floor heating with extra radiation surfaces so no parts of the system need to get too hot to touch (and specifically never hot enough to ignite anything)
- dust removal systems in the air supply
- lots of fire extinguishers everywhere