September 22nd, 2007

Ann Vole

2 Big steps backwards lots of little steps forward

My parents came to give me a hand getting my life in order and getting the two empty suits rentable. 3 or 4 people (my younger brother helped too) working long hours for 4 days was needed and still there is loads more to do. My mother convinced me to drop my classes (too late to get off tuition so I have to pay half... $1000) and one of my cats (not sure who) was peeing on everything so my parents insisted I get rid of the cats so I gave the neutered one to my brother (who has an intact female) and the intact male (who I picked up as an almost-starved-to-death stray a couple months ago) I gave to the local animal shelter. I really hate to give animals to the shelter (they always have to put down cats due to so many coming in and so few being adopted) but I did not see an option for him if he was the one peeing on stuff and my brother cannot put a intact male and female together for obvious reasons. I threw out a lot of stuff and put a lot more in storage but now I have lots of room and can concentrate on art, work, setting up my life to be "financially independent", and raising collateral and credit rating to be able to get business loans and such. I also found so many things I wanted for so long. The cats were a real comfort for me but they did not mix well with art (need a hairless cat who never leaves the floor and does not play... then there would be no point in getting a cat) so now I can leave my art in the open without fear of a cat-tastrophy. I still have three workshop courses and a couple conventions I want to go to for my business (alternative energy contractor - mostly a summer job while taking university) and the clashed with my classes especially the required attendance for chemistry labs and mid term exams for the other ones. I also have the opportunity to get a real mortgage on my house by being an employee of a repeatable company for over 3 years which would greatly boost my credit rating. I got poked by one of the needles my previous tenant left so tomorrow I am going to get the treatment for exposure if it is not too late (I thought it was 24 hours but I might be wrong). This guy left thousands of needles (no exaggeration) and had sex every night with a different woman so he is definitely a high risk to exposure of HIV. It makes you think how fleeting life can be so I better be making a difference in the world NOW instead of a decade from now after getting some fancy masters degree or something. Once I get my animation stand set up again, I should be able to start doing animation again after close to two decades of not doing much in animation. I have the hardware (music keyboard, loads of cameras, high quality digital audio, graphics tablet) and the powerful free software (GIMP2, Blender, jazz, stop motion station) so I have no excuse not to be making art everyday.