September 11th, 2007

Ann Vole

Live transport company idea

I have been studying the advantages of raising oxygen producing life forms (plants) with oxygen using lifeforms (animals, fungus - mushrooms, bacteria - compost) with the main advantages being not needing to bring in as much or any outside air which could contain pests, toxic chemicals, undesired temperatures or it could release smells that may cause problems with neighbors. If I want to raise animals as pets and distribute them in the best possible way for the animals, I will need my own transportation company specializing in moving live animals. A lot of the same issues animal transport has also apply to transporting perishable plants including flowers, produce (fruits and vegetables), and bedding plants. If I set up to grow and transport plants with animals, I might be able to make the trip safer by having no external air and providing some good insulation for temperature stability. Other issues that affect both types of cargo are humidity, vibrations, light, atmospheric pressure. With some specialized large shipping containers or aircraft cargo containers, I can use standard transport methods like jet planes (with depressurized unheated cargo areas) and trains (lots of vibrations and possible toxic fumes). I can also include some light sources and air conditioning (temperature and humidity). A final consideration is over-all transportation time... Flowers will bloom prematurely, some produce have a small time window of saleability, and animals have lots of stress and sometimes limited food and water available and waste build-up. In the usual shipping industry, containers can get sent to the wrong location or end up in storage or even broken down on the side of the road somewhere... not acceptable with time sensitive cargo. Security is also a consideration for things like animal rights activists, smugglers looking for a quick buck, miss-guided criminals looking for cigarettes or electronics, wildlife who smell food, crooked boarder inspectors looking for bribes... If the company is specialized in this sort of cargo, they can be prepared to deal harshly with such security risks and get the word out to leave these shipments alone. I know from several attempts of getting animals transported that there are no specialized companies doing this where I live and loads of red tape and risks involved so I am sure such a company will have lots of loyal customers willing to pay a premium for such a service. Every area (country, state/province, county, city) seems to have their own unique laws and bylaws regarding plants and animals (transportation, ownership, sales, production/breeding) that are constantly changing... A company that details and researches such rules and publishes them would provide officials a quick and obvious "one stop shopping" for rules and their reasons and ways of informing animal breeders, zoos, pet stores, plant nurseries, greenhouse people, etc of the legal details of the species of plant or animal in question. A speculative software gate can be made too for officials looking for the best way to fix what ever problem they are writing regulations to deal with so they will see problems with proposed regulations before they even try to get approval to send such proposed regulations to be discussed and voted on.